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Display or Banner Internet Advertisements / Ads – Click Through Rates and More

The most popular format for Internet advertising is display or banner ads. These ads can be a variety of shapes and sizes. Before you create an advertisement be sure to check the specifications that the website or advertising service has for this type of advertisements. Banner advertisements can be static or interactive. Most people reading this have probably seen the banner ads on the social networking website, myspace, that have interactivity. They encourage increased click through rates by having an interactive game in the advertisement.

Generally, click through rates for this advertising format are very low (usually less than .03 percent). This means that most of the banner advertisements that a consumer is exposed to on a website get ignored and don’t get clicked. Even though most banner ads aren’t clicked by a consumer, there is still the benefit of enhancing brand awareness.

There are a variety of ways of getting you ad to get more attention and break through the clutter. Make sure you ads are in higher spots on the web page and that most of the ad shows above the bottom of the browser window. Try viewing the website in 800 x 600 resolution and find spots on the site that are good for advertising and above the bottom of the browser.

Make sure that your ads are well designed and that any photos in the advertisement aren’t pixelated. Nothing scare potential customers away more then having shoddy looking ads. Keep them clean and professional. Don’t try to cram to much into the ad. This is especially important with web advertisements because the image can never be as sharp as it is in print. Think of an advertising message and try to convey that with as little information as possible.

Research that has been done on click through rates reveals that brands that are familiar to a target market have a higher click through rate than other less familiar brands. The research has also shown that CTR (click through rates) for familiar brands decrease as the number of exposures (a.k.a., ad impressions) increases. The opposite is true about less known brands. Understanding this can help marketers plan the exposure rates for each advertisement campaign. This does not imply that well know brands don’t benefit from banner advertising. Even though consumers might not click on the ads, it can create top of mind awareness of the brand.

Make sure if you are picking your own websites to advertise on that you pick websites that aren’t overly cluttered with advertisements. Choose a website that has relatively few advertisements. Even if they are more expensive, they are still better. Some website have some many advertisements that a consumer starts to ignore all the advertisements.

Change the size and shapes of you advertisements. Don’t use the same format for all your advertisements. Research has shown that large ads are considerably more effective than the traditional full banner (468px by 60px) ad size. Try some of these other sizes that have been created as standardized sizes by the Internet Advertising Bureau: Skyscraper (120×600), Wide Skyscraper (160×600), Rectangle (180×150), Medium Rectangle (300×250), Large Rectangle (336×280), Vertical Rectangle (240×400), and the Square Pop-Up (250×250).

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32 Best Outdoor Advertising Advertisements

Some of these ads are kinda hard to see small so click to enlarge:)

Outdoor Advertisement # 1
This is a pretty cool ad for six flags amusement parks. It features an outdoor billboard type ad that is shaped like a sled.

Outdoor Advertisement # 2
This outdoor ad is in a bus stop. It’s an anti smoking ad that has glass lungs filled with cigarette butts.

Outdoor Advertisement #3
Lung shaped cigarette tray. I’m not sure if it’s an outdoor advertisement or not, but it’s a pretty creative ad, outdoor or not.

Outdoor Advertisement # 4
I’ve seen quite a few of these type of outdoor anti smoking ads, but they are quite clever. They are quite hard to miss, so they definetly cut through the clutter.

Outdoor Advertisement # 5

I’m assuming the sign in this outdoor ad says “Stop”. That would be funny if the town had all there stop signs looking like this.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 6
I’m not sure how big this outdoor ad is, but it seems like a lot of tar. Do they mean just the top amount? Usually pavement is pretty thick… So, IDK about the tar amounts but its creative…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 7
I’m not sure how many people will go and buy puzzles after seeing this outdoor advertisement….

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 8
I think this one is for Nike… I wonder how they are holding that ball up. It looks like a rather large object. I’m sure it’s full of air, but still…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 9
Disney outdoor ad on a building…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 10
Fedex ad. I’m assuming they sell office supplies or something. If they don’t I’m not sure what they are trying to advertise.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 11
Nestle ad… even the birds like it…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 12
I think I posted this outdoor ad in another section of this site, but it was awhile ago, soenjoy again.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 13
Swwweeeeetttt billboard ad that features an actual car hanging from a sign…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 14
From up here, I can see BMW of Bridgeport…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 15
KillBill advertisement… I love how they continued the advertisement off of the building onto the sidewalk, car, and the road. What city would let a company do that???
Best Outdoor Advertisement # 16
I guess a few people must look up at buildings or something… Kinda looks like a tall building…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 17
Clever lego advertisment on a crane…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 18
Cannon ad that features a camera like model. It looks like the other pillar things on the road…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 19
Mcdonalds outdoor ad on a bus stop… cool enough I guess…
Best Outdoor Advertisement # 20
I love this billboard ad for Bic razors. It kinda looks like it’s hard to figure out for what company it’s for. the cut grass looks pretty rough… About as rough as the job Bic’s do for shaving… At least it’s not false advertising.
Best Outdoor Advertisement # 21
Woodland shoes ad.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 22
Coca cola bus advertisement. Not all that great in my humble opinion, but whateva!
Best Outdoor Advertisement # 23
Coke bottle on a building…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 24
Another coke bottle on a building outdoor ad.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 25
Not sure if this outdoor and if it’s even an ad… It may be more like a decoration or something.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 26

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 27
Semi truck with a bottle cap poking out… It’s kind hard to tell if the rest of the bottle is sticking out in the ad or not.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 28
haha… someone loves coke…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 29
Not sure what the ad is for. Pretty cool though.

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 30

Don’t Speed ad featuring a guy behind bars…

Best Outdoor Advertisement # 31
Dental ad of some sort…
Best Outdoor Advertisement # 32
I can’t figure out what the ad is for… I like the idea though…

12 Old Advertisements and Vintage Ads for Coke

I was going through a bunch of old Coke advertisments and it’s kinda interesting to see how the ads changed through time. It’s amazing how fast our culture has changed. Below are 12 ads in order of age, starting with the oldest advertisment I could find (from 1904) and going until the newest advertisment (1988). I looked for newer ones, but I couldn’t find any. And besides, everyone knows how the new ones look anyhow.


1st Old Advertisement for Coke

1904 Advertisment… I think it’s either there first one, or one of the first magazine advertisments. I also think it’s rather scary:)

2nd Old Advertisement for Coke

1909 coke advertisment. Lol, 5 cents?

3rd Old Advertisement for Coke


4th Old Advertisement for Coke


5th Old Advertisement for Coke


6th Old Advertisement for Coke


7th Old Advertisement for Coke

1943… ofcourse!

8th Old Advertisement for Coke


9th Old Advertisement for Coke


10th Old Advertisement for Coke


11th Old Advertisement for Coke


12th Old Advertisement for Coke


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